Ed Anderson Is a former Air Force officer from Minneapolis who fell in love with the West. He owns and operates the No Business Lodge in Valley County, Idaho and fishes and hunts for Jackson Kayak.  When he’s not in the mountains, Ed spends time on Sanibel Island, Florida stalking flats and picking through mangroves.  Many of his artistic themes are based around his life outdoors, but his works span the country and are constantly describing all things Americana. Most of his compositions are “line driven”. This borrows from Ed’s architectural training and constant journaling. Since the work is conceived as a sketch, many of the final pieces maintain a gestural feel. His work seeks to challenge traditional compositions and uses a loose, bright pallet looking for new conventions. Ed’s home and studio are in Boise.  His work can regularly be found at the Fulton Street Showroom in BoDo.   He lives on the east side of the city with his wife, Rebecca and their twins, Aubrey and Elyse. Thanks so much girls. If you’re interested in a piece, would like to see more work, or would like to contact Ed, please email at : EdAndersonArt@yahoo.com.