Boise is Brown Town

Boise is one of the great places in America to live, for lots of reasons. An especially unique experience is to be a fly fisherman on game day. Ed gets time on the river with lots of great people. Fishbite Media’s Bryan Huskey is one of those. His storytelling is second to none–it was therefore a privilege for Ed to build these pages with some of the photos from the Fishbite catalogue.

Additionally, theres a bone in there thrown to Damon Bungard’s Clemson Tigers. Ed and Damon have spent some time in the woods at the No Business Lodge and after their exceptional season, it felt right to call out the Gamecocks. Ed’s been to Columbia and seen the spectacle when USC pumps up “2001 a Space Odyssey.” Do better Cocks.

Market Trout

We had a great day at the market.  It’s always fun to see so many people and make so many new friends.  And, it’s a pleasure to paint live and include the kid.  This 8-ft x 10-ft acrylic and ink fatty could not have happened without everyone who participated… Thanks.

I’m going to get back to the market the middle of July and will probably pick up a couple more dates for August.

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