Colored Brown

“Colored Brown” one of the first fish triptychs I did, will have a new home this week.  It will be in the Wine Keeper in Boise off Fulton.

New Fly Boxes

I’ve got some new boxes on the shopping side of the site.  Cliff has been great building the custom streamer boxes and the Orvis Pocket Buddies are a great little grab-and-go for the river.  Check them out.    

Linen Building Show

Excited to announce a Linen Building opening for First Thursday in September.  I’m getting back to some large portraiture. Come down at 6pm on the 5th and see what I’ve come up with.

Fish Spots

I’m very pleased to announce a month-long show in downtown Boise with some of the best fishing artists and photographers from around the country.  The opening will be August 8th at four venues in BoDo; The Fulton Street Showroom, Solid, Front Street Brokers, and one other gallery.  Some of the artists presented will be Travis […]

New Site

It’s been a long time coming, but thanks to Maurey Design and Domestic Jones, the new EdAndersonArt site is alive and kicking.  Thank so much Bruce and Dustin? Soon you’ll be able to see the adventures, life and art showings on this link.  Please bare with me as everything gets posted.  Ed

Market Trout

We had a great day at the market.  It’s always fun to see so many people and make so many new friends.  And, it’s a pleasure to paint live and include the kid.  This 8-ft x 10-ft acrylic and ink fatty could not have happened without everyone who participated… Thanks. I’m going to get back […]

Salty Flies

It’s been great working with Cliff to distribute some of their fly boxes with my artwork.  This box just went down to Drew Chicone and Salty Fly Tying in Florida.  Check out his site at

Boise Brown in Chalk

I have a good gig doing chalk boards in Boise.  The beer and liquor distributors pay me to show up at bars and restaurants and get there libation’s promotions in front of the public with my art.  It’s a good job.  I generally will do logo’s with the occasional beer glass and some words.  “Drink […]

Bens Crow Bow

Many wonder how I get my inspiration and how my large pieces are executed.  Bryan Huskey and Silver Creek Outfitters did a great job capturing my process.  Click the link below and enjoy.