Mozambique Journal Pages

Ed had some fun traveling the coast of Mozambique a few months back.  He put together these pages about the trip.

The epic goal was to land a Giant Trevally out of a kayak.  The trip was spent with Silver King Lodge, five hours north of the capital, Maputo.  The guys who lived in country all had their Landcruisers rigged with Jackson Kayaks and camping gear.  Ed brought along a bunch of Lamson Waterworks new reels and the team chased around the big fish.

Big thanks to Mike Sudal and James Colburn for everything.




Kayak Fishing in Karlskrona’s Archipelago

Ed took a little trip to Sweden in early December, setting down in Stockholm. Once there, he boarded a train and headed south to the coastal city of Karlskrona. After meeting up with the guys from Pike Strike, they all headed out for an epic adventure of world-class kayak fishing.

Who knew Ed would travel thousands of miles to flyfish for big pike in a Jackson Kayak? Karlskrona’s archipelago is called “The Pike Kingdom” for good reason: the pike are big, plentiful, and thrive in its brackish water.

A little time sketching in the journal was in order before heading back to Stockholm.

pike fishing sweden

Elk Camp 2015

It was a great trip for Ed to the Rocky Mountain Elk  Foundations Elk Camp at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  He spent a few days with the boys of Maven from Lander, Wyoming and worked on a new elk piece titled “Billowing Up”.  It is 3x5ft acrylic and ink on canvas.  It was a great place to work Americana with Cowboy Christmas right downstairs and the National Finals Rodeo in town.

After a great season of elk hunting at the No Business Lodge in Valley County, Idaho, Ed’s work has been recently been inspired.  His new paintings reflect his time in the woods.  Being in Vagas with all the other hunters was a great time to reflect.

Also, Ed brought “Bugle Once”, the recent selection of the RMEF catalogug from their Featured Artist Program.

Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Ed just returned from Sanibel Island, Florida, home of the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. He is excited to announce a new partnership with this amazing refuge. Located on the  Gulf of Mexico, it’s the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the United States with over 6,400 acres. Nearly 2,800 acres of the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge are designated as a Federal Wilderness Area. Not only is home to great fishing, it is also world famous for its spectacular migratory bird populations.

On his most recent trip, equipped with his sketchbook, Ed recorded much of his time creeping around mangrove tunnels searching for tarpon in his Jackson boat. He recalls, “the chance to get shots at these amazing fish with a fly rod and Lamson reel is an experience second to none.”

Ed’s sketchbook remains his most powerful tool for documenting his Americana experiences. Each drawing tells a story, drives a composition, experiments with color, or in most cases, acts as great therapy.  Regardless of the purpose, as Ed will tell you, his sketchbook is a glimpse into how he sees and translates his world. We’re all looking forward to seeing more of Ed’s adventures in Florida with Ding Darling.




North Park Moose

The great thing about fishing from a kayak is sliding in on some amazing wildlife.  Though I spend lots of time in the Idaho woods, I never seem to get as close to animals as in the boats.

Such was an occasion on the Encampment River in Wyoming last summer with my buddy Bart Lockheart.  We were having a great drift, when we floated upon this big guy having some lunch.

It’s always inspiring as an artist to get these experiences.  The painting is 7-feet x 4-feet, acrylic and ink on board and doesn’t come close to the size of the animal.  It will show in Boise this month and then head to Colorado to be part of the Spur Outfitter’s Lodge.  “North Park Moose” is the best I can do to thank Dave Sturm and the whole crew at the Spur for showing me and my friend great times in Wyoming.

Bart, Jackson and Moose

North Park Moose

Rainbow Hen

Rainbow Hen

I’m really excited about this new painting for a couple of reasons.  One, I like how it turned out.  It is a 7-Foot x 3-Foot acrylic and ink on board.  And two, two prints have been purchased by a couple great organizations; The American Fisheries Society and the Henry’s Fork Foundation.  Both will be auctioning off their Giclee on Canvas at their annual banquets this spring.

Los Barriles

I was lucky enough to do some artwork for an outfitter in Baja. Pursuit Anglers got a rooster fish for the back of their shirts and I got to do my fist project with Simms. Of course I had to speed down there to make sure the fishing was good. Roper and I took off for a 4-day blitz in which we included some work visits to galleries and hotels trying to find more business. We covered about the whole of Lower Baja.

Luckily we did get to fish a couple days. We caught some great Yellow Tail jigging the bottom and a mixed bag of snapper and grouper.
Red Snapper

Roper Yellow Tail