In preparation for a show in Longview, Texas, I thought it appropriate to bring three species describing my home.  Each holds a very unique narrative for how our fisheries function.  There are a myriad political discussions along with storied natural histories to narrate these images.  I will leave it to the viewer to see the pieces with out my considerations.

In fact, these pieces leave much for my own investigation.  I’m sure I will tackle these subjects again.  And, the issues they kindle will continue to rise up as themes in my work.

Kokanee are a long land locked salmon barred from migration by dams.

They have become well known to turn lakes and small rivers red in the fall as they still fight to do their annual breeding ritual. The painting is 3x5ft acrylic and ink on canvas.

Steelhead make the huge migration from the Pacific through the Columbia River system.  Their journey is marked with hazards, but still reproduce in the mountains of Idaho.  This triptych is 7x4ft acrylic and ink on canvas.

The cutthroat is the native species every river-goer points to as a symbol for endurance and beauty.  This triptych is 7x4ft acrylic and ink on birch.


Chrome Steelhead
Chrome Steelhead

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